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AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC

Founded in 2002 and headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia, AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC. specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, specialty medias, membranes, and integrated water treatment solutions that remove contaminants from process or aqueous steams. AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfides, fluoride and uranium from water and has sold hundreds of water systems throughout North America and locations throughout the world including countries in Asia and Latin America. AdEdge Treatment Solutions and Services: • Skid-mounted treatment solution...

Harmsco Filtration Products

For over 55 years Harmsco Filtration Products has focused on manufacturing innovative and cost-effective cartridge filters for municipal, industrial, commercial & residential markets. Harmsco’s commitment to excellence, quality and value are proven by performance. The Hurricane™ cartridge filter’s Intelligent Design reduces feed pump Electric Costs up to 20%. Fluid enters the housing inlet tangentially creating a smooth centrifugal flow where Cyclonic pre-filtration removes & purges heavy solids prior to reaching cleanable and reusable cartridge(s). See how we consume less pump energy with low pressure losses; provide longer ...

McClean Anderson

McClean Anderson, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced filament winding equipment since 1961, has contributed to the advancement of composites by providing innovative, cost-effective filament winding equipment solutions to customers worldwide. Filament winding systems feature multiple spindle and axis winding configurations, electronic tensioning systems, programming software, resin baths and optional equipment. We provide installation, on-site training and test winding services. McClean Anderson filament winding equipment is capable of manufacturing pipes, tubes, tanks, bottles, pressure vessels, etc.