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For over 55 years Harmsco Filtration Products has focused on manufacturing innovative and cost-effective cartridge filters for municipal, industrial, commercial & residential markets. Harmsco’s commitment to excellence, quality and value are proven by performance.

The Hurricane™ cartridge filter’s Intelligent Design reduces feed pump Electric Costs up to 20%. Fluid enters the housing inlet tangentially creating a smooth centrifugal flow where Cyclonic pre-filtration removes & purges heavy solids prior to reaching cleanable and reusable cartridge(s). See how we consume less pump energy with low pressure losses; provide longer filter runs and more:  www.harmsco.com/z/100

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James Kasprick
(561) 848-9628
(561) 845-2474


7169 49th Terrace N
PO Box 14066
West Palm Beach,33407


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PMC-Industrial-Pleated-Phenolic-Cartridges Pleated-Microglass-Cartridges Involute Fusion-Bonded-Coated-Housings Filter-Housing-Selection-Guide Filter-Cartridge-Selection-Guide Band-Clamp-Housings String-Wound-Cartridges  

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