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Industrial/Municipal Products

Water Technology offers a platform for a wide variety of Industrial/Municipal products. If you would like to submit a product release, please contact someone from our sales staff:; or


Flow meter


The FPI-X™ Dual Sensor Electromagnetic Flow Meter from McCrometer delivers accurate and repeatable measurement under extreme flow conditions.

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Optimum tube performance and pressure capability

Blue-White® Industries Ltd.

Blue-White® Industries Ltd. introduces the new Flex-A-Prene heavy-duty, multichannel pump tube assembly, designed exclusively for Blue-White’s Flex-Pro® and Proseries-M® peristaltic metering pumps.

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Consumer mobile app

Badger Meter

Badger Meter updated its EyeOnWater consumer mobile app, available for customers of water utilities that have implemented BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA), giving consumers direct access to their water consumption data and providing tools to help them manage their water use.

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Pump tube

Blue-White® Industries Ltd.

Blue-White® Industries Ltd. introduces a new heavy duty pump tube, Flex-A-Prene™, available exclusively for Blue-White’s Flex-Pro® and Proseries-M® Peristaltic Metering Pumps.

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Water treatment system

Ionex SG Ltd.

This vastly reduces waste disposal complexities and related expenses, offering a more complete treatment solution to water districts.

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Pressure regulating valve

GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems introduces a new full plastic pressure regulating valve to its wide range of products.

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UV LED transmittance monitor


The PearlSense T254 from Aquionics is the world’s first and smallest, UV LED transmittance monitor.

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Automated Remote Manipulator

NLB Corp.

The new Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM) from NLB Corp. is a semi-automated water jet system that increases operator protection while reducing downtime.

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Vortex Separator

Hydro International

Hydro International’s First Defense vortex separator has received approval from Indianapolis, Ind.

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Phosphorus Pollutant Removal

Convergent Water Technologies Inc.

The national network of Convergent Water Technologies’ value added resellers introduces PhosphoReduc Media (PRM) — a unique phosphorus pollutant removal technology for stormwater runoff.

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