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Residential Products

A listing of the newest residential and commercial products in the water industry. These products are typically used for drinking water or general water use. If you would like to submit a product release, please contact someone from our sales staff:; or


Control valve

Entek Environmental Technologies

Entek Environmental Technologies has introduced a new control valve for water conditioning systems

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Transportable crawler inspection camera

Ashtead Technology

Traditionally, pipeline inspection cameras operate from a power source in a vehicle or conveniently located building. However, the Mini-Cam Proteus crawler camera inspection system can now be hired from Ashtead Technology with a batter power pack.

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Digital flowmeter with analog output

Blue-White® Industries Ltd.

Blue-White® Industries Ltd.’s BW DIGI-METER® Micro-Flo with Analog Output displays flow rate and accumulated total flow and features 4-20 mA/0-10 VDC circuitry for low flow applications.

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