DENVER — The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has released a report on the results of its Water Shortage Preparedness Survey and it is now available for download, according to a press release.

The final report reflects analysis of 485 water utility responses to questions about utility practices and policies for water shortage planning and implementation, the release reported.

In AWWA’s 2014 State of the Water Industry report, drought/periodic water shortages were ranked as the eighth most important issue facing water professionals, noted the release.

In addition, continued the release, future droughts and water shortages may be exacerbated by climate change, which can magnify the effects of water shortages especially following extreme sequential swings, e.g., water quality changes brought about by drought (where impacts can develop) followed by flooding (where those impacts are realized).

According to the release, the survey results are intended to serve as a foundation for action and further discovery as water professionals across North America continue to meet society’s expectations for safe and clean water by developing and implementing solutions to solve a never-ending stream of difficult issues, including water shortages.

Read the full release here.