Since I spend a lot of time talking about lead generation, I wanted to share this article by Josh Haynam called, “32 Clever Lead Generation ideas for your Next Marketing Campaign.”

Every time I go to a conference or read an info-blog, my goal is to come away with one great idea that I can use to add to my marketing toolbox.

For many of my friends in the water industry, take special note of No. 7 —  “Optimize your about page.” A simple upgrade to your team’s bios can make a tangible difference on your website or Facebook page.

People really do look at your bio before they decide to do business with you. Give your prospects a chance to get to know you and find common interests. I can’t tell you how many people look at our bios, see the photos and descriptions of our dogs and actually call or email us to say that they are dog lovers as well.

Let me know which ideas you think are the best for you!