FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — On Nov. 16, CBS News’ program “60 Minutes” featured a segment on how the Orange County Water District turns 96 million gallons a day of treated wastewater, including sewage, into purified drinking water, according to a press release.

The report, “Water,” ends with CBS Reporter Lesley Stahl taking a sip of the purified water, stated the release.

The release reported that there are many water utilities across the U.S. taking progressive measures to develop a drought-proof, sustainable water supply to help meet public, industrial, agricultural and environmental demands, including: Palm Beach County Utilities in Florida, Wichita Falls in Texas and LOTT Clean Water Service in Oregon.

“The days of using water once and disposing of it are behind us,” said WateReuse Association Executive Director Melissa Meeker. “Reusing water is safe, sustainable and protective of traditional supplies, not to mention essential to our economic development.”

You can find the press release here.