BIRMINGHAM — In a previous Water Technology feature, “Fundamentals of selling POU drinking water systems,” we wrote about strategies to help water treatment dealers sell more POU systems over their competitors.

In the article, Barry Bleahen, vice president of marketing for Waterlogic, suggests a few ways dealers can utilize their staff’s expertise and professionalism to advance sales:

  • Match the water unit features to the particular workplace needs (capacity, quality, aesthetics, etc.).
  • Support the decision-maker in communicating the features of the system and the health and wellness benefits of drinking water to the workplace population.
  • Offer premium purification systems; advanced technologies, such as RO filtration and in-tank UV sanitization; key machine certifications, such as UL and NSF, found on brands from a professional service company underwrite a quality and operational performance that best suites a commercial workplace.
  • Provide for predictable budget management and predictable machine performance.
  • Offer a comprehensive water offering to meet all the needs of the workplace, including chilled, hot and sparkling, and often the addition of an ice solution.
  • Perform a quality installation, tapping into the building water supply, managing pressure issues, installing leak prevention and detection systems, etc.
  • Ensure optimum machine performance over time through proactive, preventative maintenance, including filter changes, sanitization and hot tank descaling as necessary. Many of these necessary tasks are invisible to the workplace decision-maker.
  • Respond to service needs, repairs and emergencies to ensure minimum interruption of water service. Plus, the added assurance of warranty on equipment and insurance coverage in case of system failures.

You can find the entire feature on strategies to help water treatment dealers sell POU systems here.