VISTA, Calif. — A study released by the Natural Marketing Institute reports people in the U.S. are consuming over 68 million eight-ounce servings of water in less than one year, according to a press release.

The study consisted of 60,000 adults who drank unflavored bottled, tap or filtered water from the end of 2013 through mid-2014, stated the release.

The release reported that water consumption has increased from 4.43 to 4.72 eight-ounce servings per day.

According to Waterless Co. CEO and Founder Klaus Reichardt, the boost in water consumption could be partially due to a greater emphasis on health and well-being; however, he urges consumers to practice caution as areas facing water shortages, such as California, could face even more water-related challenges, added the release.

“Water consumption does have its health benefits, which is without question,” said Reichardt. “But, we cannot take water for granted any longer whether it is in a bottle or from a tap. [We must] drink for health, but drink responsibly as well.”

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