WASHINGTON — An upcoming conference program being hosted by Water Innovations Alliance is entitled “Water 2.0.” This full day event will take place in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, May 15, according to a press release.

The Water Innovations Alliance serves as a public policy voice for the world's water researchers, technologists and innovators.

The Alliance aims to advocate policies that promote the aggressive development of water technologies and innovations across all sectors and users of water by creating new market opportunities, increasing funding, strengthening research and development programs, removing regulatory and market barriers and improving education, communication and outreach efforts.

According to Kevin McGovern, the chairman of The Water Initiative and a huge supporter of the Alliance’s very focused mission, “WIA serves a critical function acting as a forum to induce dialogue and collaboration across the spectrum of water stakeholders. The Water Initiative has benefited greatly in networking and collaborating with many of its members"

Key topics to be addressed at the upcoming installment of the Water 2.0 conference program are: The importance of building smart water systems, a review of the water and wastewater agency response network (WARN) and the critical issues related to the energy-water nexus.

To learn more about the upcoming Water 2.0 conference event and to register, visit http://www.waterinnovations.org/ or specifically http://www.waterinnovations.org/WATER-2-DC/index.php.

Read the entire press release here.