JAMSHEDPUR — Around 30 protesters damaged computers, tables and chairs of a water treatment and filtration plant to express frustration over an irregular supply of water, according to Avenuemail.in.

The plant is part of the Mango water supply project, noted the article. The damage occurred after the group engaged in a heated talk with officials.

Residents in several areas must travel more than a kilometer to obtain drinking water, stated Mohammed Nizam of Mango in the article. If temperatures get higher, some areas may have no access to water.

Groundwater supplies and lake levels have decreased dramatically due to high temperatures, reported the article. A special officer with the Mango Notified Committee (MNAC) said in the article, “We do understand the fact that this summer is going to be very bothering for us, but drinking water and sanitation department will have [to] take care of this matter.”

The government has approved the construction of deep borewells in the area, shared the article. However, the department claims the project would take weeks to complete.

Water supplies in the region are stressed because of urbanization, noted the article. Similar situations can be found in Jugsalai, Pursidih, Karandih and Kitadih.

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