WASHINGTON — Floods and tornadoes swept through Texas and Oklahoma over Memorial Day weekend, and the American Red Cross is providing relief supplies to the people located in those areas, according to a news release featured on redcross.org.

Governors in both states declared disasters in over 80 counties after the weather left thousands without power and damaged/destroyed thousands of homes, stated the release.

Throughout the two states, more than 220 people spent their weekend in Red Cross shelters, reported the release.

“The Red Cross is expanding our relief efforts and mobilizing additional volunteers, vehicles, food and relief supplies to help the thousands of people impacted by these latest storms,” said Richard Reed, senior vice president for Disaster Cycle Services of the American Red Cross, in the release. “We depend on financial donations to provide shelter and food, and we need the public’s help now. Our response in Texas alone is expected to cost more than $3 million.”

Texas has been hit by a powerful storm system since early May, resulting in repeated and ongoing torrential rain and severe weather, noted the release.

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