STUART, Fla. — The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA)’s “Chats with the Pioneers,” a compilation of interviews with 106 industry professionals identified as critical players in the initial research, development and promotions of membrane technology, is now available to AMTA members online, according to a press release.

The project, which began in 2010 and was completed in 2014, resulted in an exclusive library of 36 individual and group interviews conducted and organized by then Executive Director Ian Watson and AMTA Board Member Doug Eisberg, stated the release.

The “Chats” provided these distinguished professionals with a venue to share their personal stories and answer questions on the challenges they faced in the design and development of membranes, pressure vessels, systems and critical components as a budding industry took shape in the early 1960s, continued the release.

The entire “Chats with the Pioneers” series is available online to AMTA members, and a link to one significant interview is provided for all website visitors on AMTA’s homepage, noted the release.