OAKLAND, Calif. — In August, according to a news story from WaterTech eNews Daily, Pacific Institute received a grant for California drought efforts

Updating the news story, the Institute anticipates completing the xeriscaping transitions by the end of 2014 and the anticipated water savings estimate increased from three million gallons to five million gallons.

The funds were used for such upgrades as:  

  • Removal of lawn grasses and the introduction of native and adapted plants, which require less water and are more capable of withstanding drought conditions
  • Flower beds mulched to reduce the need for extra watering
  • Modification of irrigation systems to more efficient drip delivery or micro-emitters.

Despite the recent rainstorms, Southern California still is far from normal water levels, noted the Institute.

In fact, 11 trillion gallons of water in storage is needed to recover from the drought, according to NASA scientists, making water conservation efforts still critical.

Read the original press release here.