SAN DIEGO — Applied CleanTech (ACT) announced its pilot program is being finalized with Veolia France, Mexico and Alberta, Canada, in implementing ACT’s Sewage Recycling System (SRS) technology around the world, according to a press release.

The SRS technology and process turns wastewater into raw materials for recycling and reuse, which in turn generates revenue from the recycling of reusable materials from sewage, stated the release.

ACT, through its local distributor Vert Energy, has won a bid to install the SRS technology and generate Recyllose™ for Leon, Mexico, continued the release.

The first SRS is also being installed by ACT’s Canadian partner in Alberta, noted the release.

"We have consistently shown how our SRS technology creates a new revenue opportunity for [municipalities] across the world," said Dr. Refael Aharon, CEO and founder of Applied CleanTech. "Wastewater management is something that most countries can do better and more efficiently. Using our SRS technology is a clean, efficient way to create an endless cycle of revenue and efficiency in waste management and to recycle our resources in a way that drives sustainability."

You can find the release here.