RIFT VALLEY PROVINCE, Kenya — The Aqua Nirvana Foundation announced that it has committed to funding three new water treatment systems in the Masai Mara (or Maasai Mara) located in Southwest Kenya, according to a press release.

The foundation will spend around $165,000 implementing the cutting edge purification systems at three sites in Kenya, stated the release.

The release reported that Kenya has one of the world’s most underdeveloped as well as struggling populations and for decades, the country has faced water scarcity, with 43 percent of the Kenyan population without access to clean water today.

Many of the Aqua Nirvana Foundation’s projects are based in areas of the country where water scarcity is at its worst, and together with the Centre of Expertise Water Technology, Aqua Nirvana identified three sites in the Masai Mara region to install water purification systems, noted the release.

“The rural population of Kenya are [affected the worst] by the ongoing water crisis,” said Aqua Nirvana Founder Erik Henriksen. “It is therefore crucial that we not only fund the building of new water projects, but that we provide efficient water management systems so that we can ensure that people can access clean water long into the future.”