CALGARY, Alberta — Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc., a recycler of oil field and shale gas wastewater, has promoted Richard Broderick to president of Fountain Quail Water Management, its wholly owned subsidiary, according to an article by The Wall Street Journal.

Broderick is a 30 year veteran of the oil and gas exploration industry, the article continued, who joined Fountain Quail in Sept. 2012 and previously worked for 29 years with Schlumberger, a leading oilfield services company.

"We have entered a highly productive period for frac water reuse and recycling. Oil and gas production companies have been searching for an economic alternative to the status quo of water procurement and disposal. Over the last nine to 12 months, the economics have begun to shift favorably toward recycling wastewater," stated Mr. Broderick. "At Schlumberger I was able to assess a great number of recycling technologies. I was always particularly impressed with Fountain Quail's evaporator and clarifier technology, which have proven to be a highly effective method for removing contaminants from frac flowback and produced water at or near the well site, enabling a reuse of water that is not only cost efficient, but environmentally preferable."

According to the article, Broderick is replacing Delzon Elenburg, Fountain Quail's founder and president since 1999.

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