DUNDALK, Ireland — Avoca Water, a water treatment solutions specialist, published “A Look at the Oceans of the World” an infographic designed for the recently passed World Ocean Day, highlighting key facts pertaining to the importance of protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, according to a press release.

Interesting facts highlighted in the infographic include: Around 90 percent of the ocean is still unmapped, which may take 125 years to accomplish, two-thirds of marine life remain unidentified and our oceans contain roughly 20 million tons of gold, stated the release.

“A Look at the Oceans of the World” also discusses how much pollution is seeping into our oceans with drastic numbers including an average of 600,000 barrels of oil a year accidently spilled from ships over the past decade, as well as over 6.4 million tons of litter dumped in the oceans each year, continued the release.

Also mentioned in the infographic are steps people can take to help protect the oceans, with suggestions including: Minding your carbon footprint, using fewer plastic products and making sustainable seafood choices, noted the release.

Check out Avoca Water’s “A Look at the Oceans of the World” here.