DENVER — The American Water Works Association (AWWA) announced it will establish its first “International Community” when it opens an office in India this spring, according to a press release.

AWWA CEO David LaFrance revealed in comments during the Indian Water Works Association’s Annual Convention in Kolkata, India, that the newly created AWWAIndia is a significant step in achieving AWWA’s vision of “a better world through better water,” stated the release.

AWWAIndia’s first executive manager is anticipated to be introduced in the next few months, and in addition to opening an office, the executive manager’s initial focus will be on “building a community of water professionals who collaborate to support public health, environmental protection and best management practices," reported the release.

“AWWA and the water professionals of India have had a long and proud working relationship, and AWWA is excited about developing its first International Community there,” said LaFrance. “We want to be part of the local community rather than a partner from afar.”

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