TEMECULA, Calif. — AXEON Water Technologies, a provider of water treatment solutions, has launched its newly redesigned website, found at www.axeonwater.com, a press release reported.

According to the press release, the website offers an integrated search functionality which allows users to quickly search through more than 1,500 available products. Visitors can also now search for products by category, brand, application, technology, water problem or solution class.

"Product pages on the new AXEON website now feature more product information than ever before, including a detailed description, product benefits and features, AXEON part numbers, images and downloadable specification sheets, manuals and warranties, as well as the latest AXEON product catalog, which can be found here. With this new layout, customers will have instant visibility into new market opportunities, as well as new products that can be presented to existing clients within a given vertical. This allows AXEON customers to provide more efficient service to their own customers and to maximize every sales opportunity available," stated the press release.

Visitors also have instant and exclusive access to the AXEON Resource Center, according to the press release.