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biotttaTM stands for biologically-tailored, two-stage treatment approach is the latest technology to help municipalities and public agencies to cost-effectively treat contaminated groundwater sources to improve local and regional water supplies. The biotttaTM processbiottta logo uses naturally-occurring microbes to treat a wide range of groundwater contaminants while eliminating traditional, environmentally harmful waste streams, increasing water recovery rates, and reducing treatment costs.


Features of biotttaTM

1.  It’s Flexible. biotttaTM can be used for the removal of multiple contaminants. Nitrate, perchlorate, selenate, hexavalent chromium, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and many others can be used without the need of additional add-on unit processes.

2.  It’s Dependable. The biotttaTM treatment process has over 12 years of research and development and has been successfully implemented in several states. The California Department of Public Health also approved this treatment approach for the removal of nitrate and perchlorate.

3.  It’s Straightforward. biotttaTM is comparable in design and operation to conventional treatment systems for ease of use. The biotttaTM system is highly automated which reduces the need for extensive and expensive operator attention.

4.  It’s Sustainable. biotttaTM is a low-energy treatment process that eliminates contaminants from the environment rather than concentrating it which eliminates harmful waste streams. It also has a water recovery rate greater than 96 percent.

5.  It’s Robust. Hydraulic and water treatment performance is independent of raw water quality and treatment goals and is insensitive to wide swings in operating conditions.


The biotttaTM Process

biottta process flow diagram


The biottta™ system has a two-stage approach that facilitates the removal of multiple contaminants without generating high-strength, high-volume waste.