BlueEarthBlue Earth Labs, a chemical research and development company, announced that it has launched an online Step-by-Step Guide to Stage 2 Compliance to assist small water systems in complying with the EPA Stage 2 Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (Stage 2 DBPR). To comply with this rule, water utilities must determine the amount of disinfection byrpoducts (DBPs) in the water system and meet EPA requirements for DBP levels by October 2013. Blue Earth Labs created this comprehensive resource to provide the necessary steps to achieve Stage 2 DBPR compliance including key monitoring deadlines and links to critical information from the EPA and from each state. Stage 2 DBPR requires all water utilities to conduct an evaluation of their water system, known as an Initial Distribution System Evaluation (IDSE) to identify locations with high disinfection byproduct concentrations, which will be sampled and monitored. This rule also requires each water system to determine if they have exceeded an operational evaluation level, which is identified using their compliance monitoring results. If there is an exceedance, the water system must reduce the DBP level by the 2013 deadline.