Dependable and accurate, FLEXFLO Peristaltic metering pumps from Blue-White Industries are well suited for smaller scale applications with max outputs of 124GPD/8.45LPH and working pressures reaching 100PSI/6.9Bar.

The A-100N series is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, featuring three tube material options: Norprene, Tygothane and FKM.

FLEXFLO cannot vapor lock or loose prime. It boasts the exclusive TFD (Tube Failure Detection) system (Patent No. 7,001,153 and 7,284,964). If non-compatible chemical is detected in the head, the pump will automatically shut off. The chemical must be removed for the pump to restart.

FLEXFLO is designed to be compatible with Blue-White’s Micro-Flo flow verification sensor with select digital models accepting 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc inputs for eternal speed control.