AMSTERDAM — Attendees at BlueTech Forum 2013 in Amsterdam on May 14, 2013 will have a chance to discover exciting new water technologies, learn from established company executives and network with over 130 delegates from industries including power, oil and gas, agriculture, government, corporate investors and food and beverage, according to a press release.

Registered delegates can now avail of the conference networking tool to connect with other delegates — all before the BlueTech Forum.

The invitation-only nature of this event allows you the opportunity to network in an intimate setting with leading industry peers and build valuable business relationships.

This unique tool provides added value for delegates, allowing registered individuals to network before the Forum, as well as plan meetings and familiarize themselves with attending companies.

Confirmed showcase companies will exhibit innovative technologies in the food and beverage, oil and gas, and smart water industries and include MIOX, Voltea, Crystal IS, Nijhuis Water Technology, QUA, Magpie Polymers, ANDalyze, Zeropex and Aquionics.

Speakers from Siemens, Fujifilm, BASF and BP provide fresh and thought-provoking perspectives on familiar issues, while challenging and engaging attendees in our afternoon panels: “Intrapreneurship & In-House Innovation,” “Strategic Corporate Investors” and “New Entrants to the Water Game.”

To view the agenda, list of speakers and to register, please visit: