ALEXANDRIA, Va. — In a letter recently delivered to the National Park Service (NPS), more than 260 bottled water industry representatives from across the U.S. urged NPS to end the ban on the sale of bottled water in several of its national park units, according to a press release.

The letter also asked the NPS to “provide an opportunity for meaningful dialog between [the bottled water] industry and the NPS in order to work together to ensure the health, wellness and safety of visitors to the national parks, in a manner consistent with NPS’ mission to preserve the resources and values of the national parks for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of today’s and future generations,” stated the release.

The representatives also noted that the ban on the sale of bottled water in parks is difficult to “reconcile with the NPS’ Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative and its efforts to encourage more healthy food and beverage choices in the parks,” reported the release.

Although some national parks provide visitors with access to tap water, an important and healthy option, continued the release, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) promotes all avenues to healthy hydration.

“Promoting greater consumption of water from all sources, including bottled water, will support the efforts of park visitors striving for a healthier and active lifestyle and bolster the parks’ current Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative,” noted the release. “In addition, by making water available in all forms — tap and bottled —the parks will encourage more people to drink more water.”

You can find the release here.