DALLAS — A new report from Sandler Research entitled "Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment market in Brazil" has projected a market growth of 9.3 percent over the period from 2013 to 2018, according to a press release published by Digital Journal.

A growing population and urbanization in the country has increased the demand for usable water, prompting the government to focus on wastewater treatment to increase the supply of usable water, noted the release.

It is expected that the government and others will invest heavily in the market to increase the capacity of existing plants or set up new wastewater treatment projects, the release continued, with a projected government investment of about $13 billion by 2014.

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The report covers the water and wastewater treatment equipment market landscape in Brazil, its growth prospects, a discussion of the key vendors operating in the market and the key challenges in the market, the release reported.

According to the release, one of the key challenges in the market is the high cost of water treatment processes, for the purchase of equipment and facilities.

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