SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California met its goal of reducing water usage as mandated by Gov. Jerry Brown earlier in 2015, according to

The state decreased water use by 27 percent in June, noted the article. Data “shows 265 out of 411 local agencies hit or nearly reached savings targets.”

Water savings usually occur in wet months, but these savings were achieved during the hottest June on record, stated the article.

“The June numbers tell a story of conscious conservation, and that’s what we need and are applauding today,” said Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the water board, in the article. “We need to save as much as possible. That is water essentially in the bank for a future dry year or more.”

Water agencies were ordered to reduce usage by 25 percent over 2013 levels, reported the article. Any agency that did not meet the required numbers will be contacted about stepping up water waste enforcement levels or limiting when customers can water lawns. Agency-issued penalties also jumped from 1,900 to 9,500 in one month.

The approaching El Nino may cause a wet California winter, but it may not end the current drought, shared the article.

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