HOOVER, AL — A carwash chain in Hoover, Ala. recently removed the water softeners from three of its self-serve carwashes, according to a press release.

The locations now use a computerized, electronic water conditioner known as Scalewatcher.

The system provides a solution without the need for chemicals, salt or maintenance, stated the release.

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The Krystal Kleen Car Washes are located in a hard water area. For this reason, the washes required water softeners to prevent scale formation and water spotting.

Water softeners are utilized to overcome the calcium carbonate that is the primary component of water hardness, noted the release.

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However, in many states including California, municipalities and water departments are limiting, and in some cases prohibiting, the use of salt-regenerating water softeners due to concern regarding the increased levels of salt in groundwater.

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