TOPEKA, Kan. — An explosion at the Oakland wastewater treatment plant near Topeka, Kan. on April 18 is under investigation, according to The Capital-Journal.

Topeka fire officials say the explosion came from a vacant wash bay at the wastewater treatment plant.

Fire department Shift Commander Cindy Holt said there was no one injured in the blast and there were no witnesses, noted the article.

“It looked like someone ran into the garage door,” one employee said of a large damaged door that was off its hinges and hanging by cables. “It was kind of interesting, when you drive by and say, ‘Man, fire coming out of the floor drain. That’s a little different. That shouldn’t happen,’” the employee said. “I just ran in — probably shouldn’t have done that — and turned the hoses on and put the fire out.”

Officials said nobody was in or around the building at the time of the explosion, which is believed to have come from a suspended, natural gas-fired heater, stated the article.

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