1.     d. Every water piping system is a combination of pipe, fittings and valves. Pipe joining is the connection of these elements of a piping system at the pipe joints.


2.     d. A heat fusion joint is the connection formed when a plastic male pipe and socket pipe end are melted and then fused together. Heat fusion is also called “thermal bonding,” “fusion welding” or “socket fusion.”


3.     a. A solvent cement joint is the connection formed between two plastic pipe ends which have been treated with a solvent. The solvent partially dissolves the surfaces. As the two surfaces reharden, a chemical fusion is formed. 


4.     d. Plastic pressure pipe which cannot be joined by solvent cement joints include polyethylene, polybutylene and polypropylene. These piping materials are often joined by heat fusion.


5.     b. With PVC and CPVC pipe only, a primer is applied to the end and the fitting socket of the pipe to be joined. The primer softens and penetrates the plastic to prepare it for the solvent cement. 


6.     False. It is important to read and follow the recommendations and instructions provided by the manufacturers to choose the proper solvent cement for a particular kind of pipe. 


7.     False. Solvent cement joints can only form a connection between the same types of plastic materials. 


8.     c.


9.     a.


10.    b.