(Editor's note: More than one correct answer may be possible.)

1.  Small system water treatment facilities provided as a complete preassembled unit from a single manufacturer are typically called:

    a. cartridge filters

    b. package plants

    c. pressure filters

    d. clarifiers

2. Package plants operate automatically with no maintenance. (True or False)

3. Iron and manganese are controlled in water by the process(es) of:

    a. oxidation

    b. absorption

    c. precipitation

    d. filtration

4. Oxidation is the:

    a. addition of oxygen

    b. removal of hydrogen

    c. increase in positive valence

    d. removal of electrons

5. In chemistry, reduction is the:

    a. decrease in contaminant concentration

    b. going from Fe+3 to Fe+2 or Mn+4 to Mn+2

    c. going from large molecules such as CaSO4 to small ions such as Ca+2 and SO4-2

    d. opposite of oxidation

6. Polyphosphate polymers:

    a. lower the Langelier index value for water

    b. are a form of sequestering agents

    c. can form a corrosion control film on the interior surface of metallic water pipes

    d. can sometimes be used to control low levels of iron and manganese

7. Filter aid polymers:

    a. agglomerate tiny and dispersed particles into a larger mass that will be removed by filtration

    b. cleanse the filter media grains

    c. provide even distribution of backwash water

    d. precipitate dissolved substances from water into a filterable precipitate

8., 9. & 10. The coagulation and filterability of suspended matter from water is (8) ________ by low alkalinity, (9) _______ by cold water temperature, (10) _______ by phosphate compounds.

    a. enhanced

    b. inhibited