1. What are three basic causes of water corrosivity toward metals?
  2. The Safe Drinking Water Act extends Federal Standards over all water systems with 15 or more service connections or that serve 25 or more people. (True or False)
  3. The volume occupied by a pound of water will vary depending upon the pressure. (True or False)
  4. Algae are the least important of all causes of taste and odor problems. (True or False)
  5. What major factors influence the growth of algae in water?
  6. A bad taste and rotten egg smell in water is caused by carbon dioxide. (True or False)
  7. How does the size of the filter media particles affect the filter capacity or run?
  8. What effect does turbidity have on chlorine requirements?
  9. Ion exchange water softening increases water corrosivity. (True or False)
  10. Municipalities using lime-soda softening can assure their customers of zero hardness water. (True or False)