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A new topic posted by user cccbbb is available on our Bulletin Board regarding a metallic taste of water sourced from a reverse osmosis (RO) system.

“I have been on well water for 10 years, and I have been struggling with a new problem the last couple months,” said cccbbb in the post. “The RO water tastes funny. I would describe it as a [metallic taste], [and] it sticks to my mouth for an hour or two. … When I cut open [the] filter, I can find brown solids near the core of the filter. I think this is what is giving the water taste as they smell just like the water, but I must emphasize that these solids are not present in the water.”

User cccbbb continues to ask for any ideas on tests to help identify the brown substance in the water.

In a reply, user stephencarr proposes a few causes for the poor taste of the water, and in one suggestion, stephencarr recommends measuring the RO ionic rejection with a conductivity tester.

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