WASHINGTON — The Chesapeake Bay’s cleanup plan was upheld by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, according to a press release.

President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation Collin O’Mara previously served as secretary of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, noted the release. In the position, he led the development of Delaware’s plan to reduce pollution in the bay.

“As an angler and a father, I am thrilled that the court ruled in favor of restoring a vibrant Chesapeake Bay and watershed,” said O’Mara in the release. “This decision is a victory for clean water, fishable rivers and safe places for children to swim. Today’s ruling makes clear that working together using innovative and flexible approaches is the best way to protect the Chesapeake Bay’s water, wildlife and outdoor heritage.”

Court documents state the Chesapeake Bay includes a 64,000-square-mile watershed with “tens of thousands of lakes, rivers, streams and creeks. The Bay itself has a surface area of 4,500 square miles, and it has 11,684 miles of shorelines, longer than the coastline from San Diego, California, to Seattle, Washington.”

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