LEHI, Utah — If residents in the city of Lehi, Utah don’t quit watering their lawns and fail to comply with municipal water conservation measures they could soon run out of drinking water, according to the Daily Herald.

“This is a serious situation, and we are asking Lehi residents to help by refraining from using culinary water for watering their lawn. With the help of Lehi’s residents, we expect this situation to be resolved without culinary water outages,” said Robert Ranc, assistant to the Lehi city administrator.

Lehi uses a culinary water system and secondary irrigation water system and both are low.

Earlier during the week of June 16, water pressure began to decrease in homes because the irrigation system ran out of water, stated the article.

“We will continue to have water outages if people don’t stop misusing the system,” city administrator Derek Todd said.

Todd added that because of the drought in Utah several of the companies that supply water to Lehi have cut back on everyone’s water share, noted the article.

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