ROCKFORD, Mich. — The city of Rockford, Mich. is under a boil water advisory after E. coli was detected in the city’s water supply, according to FOX 17 News.

Officials said an equipment malfunction was the cause of the contamination at the water treatment plant.

Customers are advised not to drink or wash with the water until it has been boiled for at least 20 seconds, noted the article.

Some businesses and schools have been closed as the contaminated area affects 2,100 homes and 400 businesses.

“After the long holiday weekend, we found out that a chlorine pump that would normally be injecting chlorine into the water on an as-needed basis had shut down and a backup alarm that would normally give us a page didn’t signal. So that’s the whole issue that we’re digging into right now,” said City Manager Michael Young.

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