OTTAWA, Canada — Clearford Industries Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with UV Pure Technologies Inc., a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario to be its exclusive distributor for UV Pure's water purification products in the Colombia Market, according to a press release published by The Wall Street Journal.

Clearford Industries is currently installing a turnkey water and wastewater system for a green community near Bogota, Colombia, the release reported, which will harvest rain water to augment freshwater supplies and will use Clearford Smart Digesters(TM) and structured wetlands to recycle all wastewater.

UV Pure's systems will provide disinfection of the reuse water before it is sent from a storage tank to a separate water reuse distribution network, noted the release, and Clearford also plans to offer UV Pure systems for disinfection of potable water in communal and point-of-use applications throughout Colombia.

"UV Pure products were very well received and generated high interest when we presented them at the Cleantech Seminar held in Bogota last month", said Clearford CEO Kevin Loiselle.

"Developers building self-sufficient, communal water systems are very interested in the performance and ease of use that UV Pure Crossfire technology offers — there's nothing else like it in Colombia," said Jose Maria Gonzalez, vice-president of business development for Clearford. "The high UV dose, self-cleaning capabilities and safety features of these systems are very attractive to ensure treatment standards are consistently met to protect public health and the environment."

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