ClearWater Tech ozone air purificationClearWater Tech will highlight a pair of products at WQA Aquatech 2013 in Indianapolis, Ind. April 3-4. The PRO400 is a compact, wall mounted ozone circulation system solution that keeps potable water holding tanks fresh and ready for use. Ideal for small applications including water stores, spas, water storage tanks and home water storage, it provides better sanitation with complete disinfection on contact. The PRO400 also eliminates odors with a powerful but safe oxidation and offers both time and money saving benefits.

ClearWater’s AirWaves air purifying system is a unique, whole-home solution. It eliminates household odor using ozone and ultraviolet light, two of nature’s strongest purifiers. Installed in the supply air duct and connected to the heating control system, AirWaves is easy to maintain and uses an automatic flow sensor whenever the heating or air conditioning fan is on.