NEW YORK — Climate Central, a non-profit group based in Princeton, N.J., has created a database called "Surging Seas" that allows users to search rising sea levels by ZIP code for all U.S. coastal communities, according to an article by USA Today.

The online mapping tool will show expected sea level rise in each area and the number of residents and buildings that could be flooded, reported the article.

While the tool was launched for New York, New Jersey and Florida in March 2012, it is expanding to cover New England this week, the Pacific states this spring and the rest of the coastal U.S. by the end of summer, the article noted.

"This is a brave new world. Rising seas are posing a totally new challenge to American ingenuity," says Ben Strauss, vice president for climate impacts at Climate Central.

"It's groundbreaking," says Crystal Davis of World Resources Institute, a non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. "It wasn't possible to do this even a few years ago."

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