Xylem’s Colin Sabol, vice president of dewatering, recently spoke with Water Technology about Xylem’s involvement in a historic project: the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Since the canal was built more than 100 years ago, it needed to evolve to be able to accommodate newer, larger ships now used in shipping. Part of the project required the removal of water to allow the construction to take place.

In this podcast, Sabol compliments his team for its work on the project, which involved shipping the large pumps to Panama in South America, where they pumped 1.7 billion gallons of water 45 days after being commissioned for the project.

“[This project] was huge and complicated and logistically challenging, but the thing that’s really important about this project for me is how our team came together. There were dozens of people from across our company that were able to come together and work closely with a customer to solve what was a once in a lifetime challenge,” shares Sabol.

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Editor’s note: Since this podcast was recorded, Sabol has taken on a new role at Xylem. He is now senior vice president and president of analytics.