OOSTKAMP, Belgium — IG Watteeuw International (IGW) and India-based Involute Technologies will sell their solutions under the IGW name under a new partnership, according to a press release.

The agreement allows IGW to establish a strong presence in India, noted the release. It has other locations in Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, China and the U.S.

IGW has manufactured customized gears and gearboxes for more than 65 years, reported the release. It is also involved in the wastewater treatment industry.

Involute Technologies specializes in manufacturing gears for agriculture, construction equipment and hydraulic applications, stated the release. Its fifth production plant is currently under construction.

The partnership provides an opportunity for the companies to participate in the growing railway sector in India, shared the release. The government plans to grow India’s economy by developing a high-speed rail network, expanding the current rail system and increasing the number of modernized vehicles.