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VINTON, Va. — Many municipalities need a water and wastewater alarm notification application that is robust, simple to configure, and has the capability to communicate using standard telephone technology.

Mack McGhee, president of Sunapsys Inc., a Virginia-based company specializing in the design and implementation of SCADA systems for municipalities, explains how they provide their municipal customers voice communication solutions.

Mobile alarm notification solutions include e-mail, cell phone text and smart device messages. These options all require internet access, which can be a problem in some remote areas where data access is unavailable or, in many cases, unreliable.

“Municipal water and wastewater facilities are cautious customers,” says McGhee “Some of them avoid connecting their systems to the internet for security reasons. In those cases using voice callout of alarms over standard dial out telephone technology is the preferred solution. Although this need exists, most modern SCADA systems and alarm programs don’t offer this notification option.”

TopView OPC allows you to easily monitor, alarm and send notifications for process data measurements and alarms read from one or more SCADA systems.

Municipalities benefit from alarm notification using voice communication as a reliable cost effective alternative to internet-based options. Dial out solutions eliminate the need to provide costly web-based or smartphone technology to everyone on staff.

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