KINGSTON, N.H. — Torromeo Industries Inc. will pay a $135,000 civil penalty and implement a compliance program to resolve numerous violations of the Clean Water Act (CWA) at its Kingston, N.H. sand, gravel and stone mining and ready-mix concrete plant, according to a press release.  

The settlement is pursuant to a consent decree lodged in the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire, between the company and the U.S. Government, noted the release.

In addition to paying the $135,000 penalty, the company has agreed to implement a $500,000 Supplemental Environmental Project.

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The company will remove an impervious parking lot adjacent to Cobbett’s Pond, in Windham, N.H., and replace it with a 35,000 sq. foot pervious concrete parking lot.

This project will result in a significant decrease in the amount of polluted stormwater that drains into Cobbett’s Pond, stated the release.

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Under the terms of the federal consent decree, the company will implement stormwater pollution control measures designed to reduce the impacts of stormwater discharges into surface waters. In addition, the company will completely eliminate process wastewater discharges from the site.

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