MIDLAND, Texas — STW Pipeline will soon repair and maintain oil and gas pipelines in the region through a new contract with a major midstream piping company, according to a STW Resources Holding Corp. press release.

The work is part of the company’s growth strategy for the fourth quarter, noted the release. STW Pipeline will deploy workers and equipment for the project this week.

“STW Pipeline is poised to grow with new projects and contracts in the second half of this year,” said STW Pipeline President Adam Jennings in the release. “The contract with this major midstream company is just the initial business we can get from this customer. We can do this amount of work and increase the business from this customer over the next twelve months significantly. We are also submitting proposals and bids for this type of work from the other mid-stream pipeline companies.”

Through its three subsidiaries, STW Resources provides oilfield services, water reclamation and processing management services, and rig cleaning services, reported the release.

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