SAN ANTONIO, Texas — ADB International Group Inc. announced that Treatec21's proprietary industrial wastewater purification technology has been purchased by an Israeli real estate development and construction company, according to a press release.

Treatec21 will install a compact wastewater treatment facility to purify water at a daily volume of up to 110 cubic meters in an Israeli population center, and will provide facility support and maintenance services for a period of 24 months following the installation, stated the release.

The developer will pay Treatec21 approximately $250,000, with a provision that the facility may be upgraded to increase the amount of daily wastewater purification, at terms that were agreed upon in the current contract, noted the release.

"Each contract that Treatec21 signs is a further demonstration to the international community of the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of their proprietary water purification technology," said Shahar Ginsberg, CEO of ADB International. "The current contract adds further value and strength to our business development efforts, and increases the potential for signing commercial wastewater purification projects worldwide."

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