HELSINKI, Finland — Wärtsilä’s Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) will be used in container ships for a major European shipping company, according to a press release.

The first vessel will receive the equipment at the end of 2015, noted the release. Wärtsilä will deliver the other systems in 2016.

The company had a similar order in 2014, reported the release. The system in the 2015 order involves a “two-stage approach involving filtration and medium pressure UV disinfection technology.”

“Ballast water management is an important feature of the overall emphasis on environmentally sustainable shipping,” said Lars Bo Kirkegaard, general manager of BWMS Sales for Wärtsilä Ship Power, in the release. “Wärtsilä has always paid great attention to working in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that the selected system is appropriate for the ship and its operating profile, and this has been the case here as well. We have enjoyed working closely with the owners and with the Jinhai Shipyard, and have received excellent support in planning this project.”

Several countries including Argentina, India, Belgium and Indonesia are in the process of ratifying the International Maritime Organisation’s Ballast Water Convention, stated the release.

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