resintechPotable water supplies face increasing scrutiny as to water quality and must also be aesthetically pleasing. Contaminants that may represent public health risks are increasingly regulated forcing additional treatment of many municipal water supplies prior to distribution.

Ion exchange resins are particularly well suited for pump and treat applications especially for the removal of trace contaminants without altering the overall water chemistry of the water supply.

ResinTech offers the widest variety of ion exchange resins and adsorbents for removal of selective contaminants from potable water supplies. All ResinTech materials provided into the potable market are WQA certified to ANSI/NSF standards and are the cleanest possible materials suitable for use with minimal rinsing or other pre-treatment prior to use.

ResinTech expert technical staff are able to provide computer modeling for most ion exchange possibilities and provide accurate projections for operating capacities and leakage for all commonly encountered contaminants, when provided with the appropriate feed water analysis.

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