CorrBlock/CoretcCorporationCorrBlock™ is a time-release, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor block for water treatment industries. In addition to being friendly to marine ecosystems, the corrosion inhibitor block, which is safe to handle and easy to apply, is formulated using renewable soybean-based wax and proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology. When immersed in water, CorrBlock™ slowly dissolves and releases a calculated amount of inhibitors required for corrosion protection of a system. The inhibitors in CorrBlock™ provide multimetal protection and are excellent replacement for chromates, nitrites and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. The VpCIs form a strong monomolecular layer on metal surfaces that protect in all three phases – liquid, vapor and the vapor-liquid interface.

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