SPRING VALLEY, Ill. — The City Council in Spring Valley, Ill. plans to file an extension to keep using the remaining funds from a grant on the wastewater treatment plant, according to the News Tribune.

Larry Good, engineer from Chamlin and Associates, Peru, said to the City Council that he had finally heard back from the grant manager about the $750,000 grant the city received to help communities affected by flooding from Hurricane Ike, stated the article.

The city will be allowed to use the remaining funds not spent on the original project to repair the wastewater treatment plant on two additional projects.

Those projects include adding a stone cap to the rim of the lagoon and clearing trees to the east of the levee at the plant, noted the article.

“It will be the same procedure we went through with the original construction contract. We will have to put it out through bid,” said Good.

Good said the money is there to use but the council has to put in a request by the end of the month in order to use the money.

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