NATCHEZ, Miss. — Adams County, Miss. is preparing for the return of industry by figuring out what to do with its industrial wastewater, according to the Natchez Democrat.

Engineering firm Jordan, Kaiser and Sessions were awarded a contract from the county for an economic development project.

The project would be geared toward improving wastewater treatment facilities at the Natchez-Adams County Port, noted the article.

Natchez Inc. Executive Director Chandler Russ said improvements will be made at either the Natchez Water Works facility or the former International Paper wastewater facility on the Rentech property.

“We have got plenty of water capacity at the port, meaning that we have got enough capacity to move the water,” Russ said. “The Natchez Waterworks facility has the ability to take up to 5 million gallons of water a day.”

However, the facility may not be able to handle the kind of industrial wastewater expected to be produced, stated the article.

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